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Digiplex Bloomfield
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Digiplex Bloomfield
863 Park Avenue
Bloomfield, CT 06002   
(860) 242-3456

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The American Nurse is a heart-warming documentary that explores some of the biggest issues facing America - aging, war, poverty, prisons - through the work and lives of five nurses. It is an examination of real people that will change how we think about nurses and how we wrestle with the challenges of healing America. The American Nurse is an important contribution to America's ongoing conversation about what it means to care.

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                                                                  Two shows only!                     This is the story of Vincent Furnier, preacher's son, who struck fear into the hearts of parents everywhere as Alice Cooper, the ultimate rock star of the bizarre. From the advent of Alice as frontman for a group of Phoenix freaks in the sixties to the hazy decadence of celebrity in the seventies to the winking comeback as glam metal godfather in the eighties, one will watch in wonder as Alice and Vincent battle for each other's souls.


                                                                       MUST SEE!!


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 Turn of the century Paris... a city of exquisite contradiction. The heady elixir of personal freedom bred lifestyles both reckless and addictive. Drawn to Paris by the city's passion, a flame fuelled by the hearts of lovers and the souls of poets, Mathieu and Nathalie tempt fate as they seek love and destiny at the infamous cabaret - The Moulin Rouge®.

The only thing that is becoming terrifyingly clear is there may be no way to stop him. 



The best of the best high-school students come to be judged at the mother of all Speech and Debate competitions in Texas.

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