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Digiplex Cinema Centers Bring Patrons Unique Entertainment Experiences And Lots Of Good Reasons To Leave The Couch And Head For A Theater

Bloomsburg, Camp Hill, Reading, Selinsgrove and Williamsport, PA

WESTFIELD, New Jersey (August 21, 2012) – The opening scene of the Academy Award winning film classic Lawrence of Arabia, now rereleased after painstaking restoration on its 50th anniversary, zooms in over a vast and seemingly barren desert to slowly reveal a tiny undefinable speck. That speck grows and eventually becomes identifiable as Peter O’Toole and his Bedouin guide riding on their camels. It’s a dramatic moment that illustrates the relationship between man and nature. The problem is that the movie was made for the big [as in Movie Theater big] screen and the image’s impact is completely lost on the TV in your living room, not to mention the miniscule screen on a laptop or smart phone. The movie’s fiery battle scenes are breathtaking on the big screen but seem like toy soldiers on the small screen.

In Giuseppe Verdi’s Othello, the fanfare in Act III includes clusters of trumpets spread around the walls of an opera house with a full orchestra, chorus and soloists onstage that together create explosions of sonic emotion. But, unless you have a state-of-the-art hi-fi and a locked door, appreciating the grandeur of that musical masterpiece becomes increasingly unlikely if your speakers sound like tin cans and the music has to compete with interruptions like the doorbell, phone and the neighbor’s barking dog. When the lights go down in an auditorium, all those distractions fade away and you are drawn into the moment. That’s when your living room TV just won’t do.

If you haven’t been to the local movie theater in a while, you’re missing out on some exciting changes. Sure, it’s still the go-to destination for date night or a place to bring the kids for the latest mainstream movies from Hollywood. However, a closer look reveals more. Since Digital Cinema Destinations Corp., a fast-growing theater circuit, acquired the Cinema Center chain in April, technicians have been at work upgrading sound systems, sprucing up auditoriums, installing digital projectors and even satellite dishes. The objective? Bringing the local audience a more immersive experience and diverse entertainment choices that go way beyond traditional movies. Gone are the 35 millimeter film scratches. Images are now pristine. Dialogue is more understandable. Everything seems more real. Now, the chance to see a classic movie doesn’t require a drive to an art house in Philadelphia. A night at New York’s Metropolitan Opera doesn’t mean hours in the car, an expensive hotel room and tickets that cost hundreds of dollars…if they’re even available. Additionally, these special events can’t be found on pay-per-view cable, satellite or on DVDs. That next big night out might just be at your local multiplex.

According to Digiplex Chairman and CEO Bud Mayo, “We are transforming traditional theaters into digital entertainment centers. Between now and the end of the year, our five Digiplex Cinema Center theaters in Eastern Pennsylvania will each offer more than 40 special events. On August 22, our calendar includes a 60th anniversary screening of Singin’ In The Rain. In September, we’ll present Glen Beck’s political satire in Unelectable II live by satellite. In the coming months, digital technology will even enable our audiences to engage in live conversations with independent film-makers right after seeing their movies.”

Here’s a sample of some of the upcoming special events that will be showing at all Digiplex Cinema Center locations in Pennsylvania (subject to change - times may vary by location):

August 22 – Singin’ In The Rain 60th Anniversary Encore, 7:00 PM

September 20 – Glen Beck’s Unelectable II, 8:00 PM

September 20 – Queen:Live in Budapest 1986, 7:30 PM

October 2 – Maloof Cup World Skateboarding Championship, 7:30 PM

October 4 – Lawrence of Arabia 50th Anniversary, 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM

October 7,9 – Bolshoi Ballet’s La Sylphide, 12:30 and 7:00 PM

October 27 – Metropolitan Opera’s Othello, 12:55 PM

December 16-30 – Royal Ballet’s The Nutcracker, noon and 7:00 PM  

For more information about upcoming events and additions to the schedule, go to www.digiplexdest.com and click on your local theater or call the box office telephone listed below for more information:

Digiplex Cinema Center Bloomsburg: (570) 387-8516

1879 Columbia Boulevard


Digiplex Cinema Center Camp Hill: (717) 909- 1188

3431 Simpson Ferry Road


Digiplex Cinema Center Fairgrounds (Reading, PA): (610) 921- 8112

Fairgrounds Square Mall, 3050 North 5th Street Highway


Digiplex Cinema Center Selinsgrove: (570) 374-2049

1 Susquehanna Valley Mall Drive


Digiplex Cinema Center Williamsport: (570) 601-6860

300 West 4th Street

Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. (NasdaqCM: DCIN) is dedicated to transforming its movie theaters into interactive entertainment centers. The Company provides consumers with uniquely satisfying experiences, combining state-of-the-art digital technology with engaging, dynamic content that far transcends traditional cinematic fare. The Company's customers enjoy live sports events, concerts, conferences, operas, videogames, auctions, fashion shows and, on an ongoing basis, the very best major motion pictures. As of July 10, 2012, Digiplex’s total theater circuit of 73 screens is 100 percent digital. Digiplex operates eight cinemas and 73 screens in PA, NJ and CT.  You can connect with Digiplex on Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeand Blogger



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