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Feature Film Offering Inside Look Into the Taboo Issue of Sexual Abuse Among the Orthodox Jewish Community Set to See National Theatrical Release


NEW YORK, NY – January 14, 2013 -- The DigiNext In-Venue Film Festival announced today the theatrical release of Standing Silent.  This eye-opening, original documentary offers a look into the taboo issue of sexual abuse among the Orthodox Jewish community.  Standing Silent, Produced by Scott Rosenfelt and Malachi Leopold is set to debut in theatres on January 25.  A joint venture between Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. and Nehst, the DigiNext In-Venue Film Festival provides opportunities for talented, under-the-radar and emerging filmmakers the chance to reach an appreciative audience of targeted movie aficionados.


Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. recently announced that, together with its new joint venture partner, Start Media, LLC, it arranged acquisition of seven movie theaters with an aggregate of 74 fully digital screens.  With six of the theaters located in the Southern California/San Diego market and the seventh based near Phoenix, AZ, the DigiNext In-Venue Film Festival has a footprint across the U.S. in leading media markets.


“Digiplex has quickly assumed a solid leadership position as the fastest growing and most innovative exhibitor in the country,” said Chairman and CEO Bud Mayo. “Through DigiNext, we are introducing a broadening audience to diverse, high quality independent films. Standing Silent and other upcoming titles in the series are timely contributors on topics that are part of a national dialogue.”


Standing Silent is a perfect fit for the types of films we are aligning with the DigiNext Festival,” said Nehst cofounder and Chairman Larry Meistrich. “Films of this magnitude, with such an important impact on similar communities across the country, deserve the chance to have proper distribution and be shown on a national stage.”


Standing Silent follows Phil Jacobs, editor of the Washington Jewish Post, who has begun writing and publishing a series of articles about sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community.  Jacobs has found what he believes to be clear evidence that several respected rabbis have been able to avoid arrest and recrimination due to the control they wield over the community. In Standing Silent Jacobs fights the orthodox establishment to bring to light the pain and suffering of hundreds of survivors.


A breakthrough for filmmakers and consumers alike, the DigiNext In-Venue Film Festival will recreate the excitement of the film festival experience in seven local Digiplex theaters (full list follows below) showcasing selectively chosen American independent movies and award-winning foreign language films featured at the top 20 international and domestic film festivals.  To further the enhanced movie-going experience, the series will include Q&A sessions with filmmakers, both in-person and via Skype.


About Nehst

Nehst Media Enterprises is a content financing, development, production and distribution company innovating in many facets of the entertainment world. Nehst is founded on the premise that today’s media landscape requires content development and distribution focused on niche marketing, community and branding. Nehst applies unique strategies to information technology to discover, produce and distribute content people care about. More information about Nehst is available at www.nehst.com.You can also connect with Nehst via Facebook, Twitterand YouTube.


About Digital Cinema Destinations Corporation (www.digiplexdest.com)

Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. (NasdaqCM: DCIN) is Digiplex Destinations, dedicated to transforming its movie theaters into interactive entertainment centers. The Company provides consumers with uniquely satisfying experiences, combining state-of-the-art digital technology with engaging, dynamic content that far transcends traditional cinematic fare. The Company's customers enjoy live sports events, concerts, conferences, operas, videogames, auctions, fashion shows and, on an ongoing basis, the very best major motion pictures. Digiplex operates nine cinemas and 85 screens in PA, NJ and CT.  You can connect with Digiplex via Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeand Blogger.  Digiplex is also a partner in DigiNext, a unique, specialty content joint venture (with Nehst) featuring curated content from festivals around the world.  DigiNext releases typically include innovative live Q&A sessions between the audience and cast members.


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