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Kinderblock 66 Opens April 12 As Part of DigiNext Curated Film Series – 4/8/13

Documentary Provides a Look Into the Lives of Survivors of Kinderblock 66 Located

 in the Buchenwald Concentration Camp


NEW YORK, NY – April 8,2013 – Today,the DigiNext In-Venue Film Festivalannounces the theatrical release of Kinderblock 66This intriguing and emotional documentary provides a powerful look into the lives of the Holocaust survivors from a children’s barrack, Block 66, at the notorious Buchenwald concentration camp.  The film sheds light on the early years of the Holocaust right up to the liberation of Buchenwald in which one thousand children survived.   On April 11, 2010, sixty-five years later, several of the surviving boys from block 66 returned to Buchenwald; this is their story.  Kinderblock 66, a feature documentary directed by Rob Cohen and produced by Steven Moskovic, Brad Rothschild, Paul Turlick and Martin P. Pohl, is set to debut in theatres on April 15th.


A joint venture between Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. and Nehst, the DigiNext In-Venue Film Festival provides opportunities for talented, under-the-radar and emerging filmmakers to reach an appreciative audience of targeted movie aficionados for a week-long period.  With theatres across Arizona, California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania, the DigiNext In-Venue Film Festival now has 18 cinemas with 179 total screens and a rapidly expanding footprint across the U.S. in leading media markets.


“My hope is KinderBlock 66: Return to Buchenwald will bring history to life and convey the reality of what ugliness of hate has been perpetrated on innocent people,” said Alex Moskovic Holocaust and Block 66 survivor.  “I am honored to bear witness to my survival and thus also remember the million and a half children who perished in the Holocaust.”


Kinderblock 66 is the sixth title of the DigiNext series which has already provided audiences the chance to explore a broad array of subjects through timely, provocative and well-made films as well as the opportunity to engage directly with moviemakers and their subjects. ,” said Digiplex Destinations Chairman and CEO Bud Mayo. ”More than any title to date, Kinderblock presents intimate perspectives of enduring significance. The film will be an important one for patrons in our theaters during April and for a long time to come.”     


In Kinderblock 66, four men recount their experiences as children throughout the Holocaust beginning with the time they were split from their parents at various concentration camps, before being sent to Auschwitz and eventually on to Buchenwald.   The German Communist-led underground at Buchenwald, which administered the camp on a day-to-day basis, recognized this influx of children and youths as requiring a special response. The underground made a conscious decision to protect the youths by establishing a new children's block, Block 66.  Led by Antonin Kalina, a Czech Communist and his deputy, Gustav Schiller, a Polish Jew, the children in the block did not work and were protected against being sent out of the camp. The block leaders watched over the children and cared for them to the extent possible, seeing in these youths hope for the future.


A breakthrough for filmmakers and consumers alike, the DigiNext In-Venue Film Festival will recreate the excitement of the film festival experience in eighteen local Digiplex theaters (full list follows below) showcasing selectively chosen American independent movies and award-winning foreign language films featured at the top 20 international and domestic film festivals.  To further the enhanced movie-going experience, the series will include Q&A sessions with filmmakers, both in-person and via Skype.


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